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Pin Cushion Tutorial

Before you start I recommend you:
a) Iron your fabric;
b) Retrieve your consumables;
c) Retrieve your tools;
d) Create your own triangle pattern.

Step by Step


#1 After you’ve cut your fabric position the pearl pin head at point A or mark with a sewing pen or chalk.


#2 With the fabric right side up bring point B to point A (where your fabric mark or the pin should be). Sew the seam starting at the raw edge then sew to the fold of the fabric. I use a 15mm seam allowance and I recommend that you use that or a 10mm seam allowance. Again I always reverse stitch at the beginning and at the end of my sewing and I tie my thread too, it was the way I was taught.

#3 Trim the stitched raw edge, I removed 10mm and then I cut across the corner. Cutting across the corner means that you don’t end up with a bulky corner that isn’t properly turned. It really does affect the finish of your project and again it was the way I was taught. Normally I would iron the seam open so that my corners would be sharp but I knew that doing so here would add even more creases so I used my fingers to open the seam and I popped a large tacking stitch so that the seam would stay open.

#4 Bring point C to point A (the black pin should be there). Then follow the instructions in #2 as above. Make sure you reverse the stitching again at the beginning and the end.

#5 Trim the stitched raw edge, again follow the instruction in #3 above.

#6 There will still be one more opening, the right side of the fabric will be on the inside right now with the raw edges from your stitching being on show. The next step is to sew the final seam but you want to leave an opening for the crushed walnut shells, I left approximately three centimetres.


#7 Whilst I was exploring Pinterest for an idea I found out about a different stitch called Ladder stitch which I hadn’t heard of before. So I attempted the ladder stitch to close the pin cushion opening. That’s a stitch I need to practice too. I decided to add a piece of ribbon so that I could grab my pin cushion and then the idea of a bow and a button and I was finished lol!


Finally, yes I know my ladder stitch isn’t that great, it’s something for me to practice, to say I’m a bit rusty is an understatement!

I decided to add a piece of ribbon so that I could grab my pin cushion and then the idea of a bow and a button and I was finished lol! If there is anything that I haven’t made clear give me a yell and I will try to make it more understandable. I want to improve my explaining skills along with my ladder stitching! I did enjoy creating this and I will create some more as I think

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